Waste diversion is what EZEE reusable construction hoarding is about. Leave behind the outdated, wasteful, dirty, smelly, toxic, labour intensive steel stud/drywall and painted hoarding system. The outdated steel stud and drywall system waste both money and materials that end up in our overflowing landfills. By converting to the EZEE reusable hoarding system you will be saving both costs and our environment.  

 Made from Recycled Plastic (PVC) EZEE Construction Hoarding is a green product from when it’s  produced in the factory to the end of its life when it gets recycled back into new hoarding. It is a green, reusable and a 100% recyclable product, never thrown away. 


EZEE Hoarding’s goal is to eliminate construction hoarding waste from entering our landfills. EZEE Construction Hoarding is fighting the problem of hoarding waste by changing the industry standard from using disposable hoarding materials to a 100 % reusable and recyclable hoarding system. EZEE Construction Hoarding will never go to the landfill because it is 100% recyclable and reusable.


EZEE Hoarding is fast becoming the most popular construction hoarding and retail hoarding for creating temporary barriers and the reason is simple. By using EZEE Hoarding you will be contributing to a waste diversion system reducing the construction industries stress on landfills. Our carbon foot print is reduced by more than 80% over traditional methods of construction hoarding.


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