100% Reusable! Saves Time and Saves Money

EZEE Hoarding = Green and 100% reusable

EZEE Construction Hoarding installations are fast, clean and easy. First install the bottom, top and wall track, the rounded corners, then to finish it off insert and click together the EZEE Construction Hoarding tongue and groove panels. Requiring minimal fasteners, no tape for joints and no paint to finish it; your clean public facing EZEE hoarding surface is ready for the (if required) graphics to be applied. If no graphics are required you have a clean customer facing barrier between construction and the public complete upon install.

“EZEE Hoarding… Construction Hoarding done right.”

The install process requires minimal noise, almost no onsite cutting and minimal fasteners. This leads to a fast, clean and easy dismantle. With minimal or no fasteners required the finished (paint or tile) surfaces that the top and wall tracks are fastened to result in minimal or no repairs. Dismantling is just as fast as the set up. Take out the panels, remove the corners, top, Bottom and wall track, and you’re ready to reuse EZEE Construction Hoarding on your next project.

Place down the Bottom U Channel
Snap in the wall panels
add the top U Channel Finish the end...You are done. So easy because it is EZee.

For further information on the EZEE Construction Hoarding installation process please contact us by email or phone at 1-604-220-4192