Our Story

The founders of EZEE Hoarding Kyle and Glenn, have over 50 years of joint construction experience in carpentry, supervision and project management. As general contractors they realized a major industry environmental disaster resulting in over 22 million pounds of hoarding waste destined for our Canadian landfills each year. They couldn’t help but think, all this labour, materials and money waisted just to create a temporary wall that’s only required for a few months, weeks and sometimes just days until the construction is complete. On top of the wasted labour and money the materials that were used couldn’t create the clean finish look that malls, offices and retailers require/expect. In the next couple of paragraphs, you will read and probably relate to the issues that cause grief and aguish with hoarding.

The process of multiple trade and vendor coordination (again, all for a temporary wall). Coordinating night shifts with framers, drywallers, painters, door providers/installer, graphics, scissor lift rentals and at the end of it all a demolition crew/disposal to take the wall down and deposit it into our landfills. Amongst all this planning the shopping centres require the hoarding to be installed with complete graphics all within 48 hours. If there is One glitch in the plan, like a trade showing up late, forgetting materials or painters being double booked and not showing up at all we end up with a recipe for failure.

Then the dreaded phone call from the mall tenant coordinator makes your phone vibrate. You know it’s because the hoarding is not completed on time, so you answer it with a cringe. The coordinator says, now I see you are trying very hard to have this work done on time, but it clearly is not, and the 48-hour deadline has passed. Now I must answer to the other departments in my company about why this isn’t done. You try to think of a dozen viable excuses, but as a general you know that no matter what you say, it’s your responsibility to have work completed on time, so all you can say is I am sorry, bite your tongue and take the blows as they come your way.

The not so productive phone call: Now in the past we as PM’s have been prone to making some not so friendly phone calls to the people responsible for not completing their work on time. Venting and explaining to them our clients are upset with us and as the old saying goes, the you know what rolls downhill. But this hasn’t solved the problem, the problem is that no matter what you say or vent to them about the damage is already done.

It was at this time, Kyle and Glenn decided they are done with being reactive, there must be a way we can be proactive the next time around. We’re done dealing with multiple trades for a temporary wall, done with unsatisfied clients and done with creating all this worthless hoarding waste ending up in our landfills!

Then it happened! It started out as just an idea. A clean faced, environmentally friendly, cost efficient, recyclable, reusable, complete hoarding system involving tongue and groove interlocking panels, u-channels, corners, doors and finished upon install EZEE HOARDING system. From there Kyle and Glenn, researched, developed and continue to evolve the EZEE Hoarding system.

And there you have it, EZEE Hoarding is now a company that continues to be committed to putting our people first, staying innovative and forever evolving the EZEE Hoarding system to exceed our client needs and expectations.