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Project: Dental Office, March – April 2018

Project Description: Tenant Improvement

Location: Inside a New Westminster Mall BC

General Contractor: David Mitchel

Client Name: Soheila,

Position: Project manager

“My experience with EZZE Hoarding has been great. EZEE Hording is able to build the hoarding with the right budget. They are reliable, professional, and on time. Their work is quick, quiet, and clean.”


Project Name: Burnaby Hospital Tray Cleaner re and re: January – March 2018:

Name of person: Stefan M.

Position: Burnaby Hospital operations manager:

“This hoarding worked very well for my application because I had to change the setup few times during this project. Easy to modify, relocate etc.

For the isolation we had to add few tapes here and there but no problems overall.

I recommend this product.”

Project Name: Just Cozy – October 2016 – February 2017

Project Type: Seasonal Store in a Burnaby Shopping Centre

Name of Person: Michael Vaughan

Position: President of Just Cozy

“To whom it may concern,

 I am writing to recommend the services of Ezee Hoarding. Ezee Hoarding worked with my company, Just Cozy during September of 2016. Their knowledge and attention to detail helped them to execute a flawless temporary wall and change room for one of my seasonal retail stores.  The company was easy to coordinate with during the entire process. I found that they were helpful in many ways other than with the service I originally sought from them. They went above and beyond to make my vision perfect. I felt comfortable with their team and the work that they were doing in my retail store due to their helpful and professional demeanor. I found Kyle Olinek in particular to be very helpful, though the entire team at Ezee Hoarding were a pleasure to work with. The end product was aesthetically pleasing and well done. I am happy to have worked with Ezee Hoarding and I would recommend them to anyone seeking their services. I look forward to working with Ezee Hoarding in the future now that I know they are capable and trustworthy of bringing my vision to life.”

“We have concluded that the EZEE Hoarding claims are true, and we are impressed with the product, especially since it is also fully recyclable and reusable. It also eliminates adding waste to the landfills” – May 2016 | McCallum Tower

This system is so easy (ezee) to use I cannot believe it.

“In my opinion this is the way hoarding should be it saves installation and prep time from the steel and stud drywall system previously used, what took over 40 man hours can now be completed in less than 4 hours.” – Feb 2016 | A Barton

“This only took us a couple of hours. The old way of steel and stud drywall would have been a couple of days!! Great product, thank you” – Mar 2016 | ICE Development

“Well it is with confidence that I can confirm that this new hoarding system is not only easy and fast to install (what would normally take a steel and stud drywall system 40 man hours to get paint ready took only 4 man hours and no painting required a finished product) and remove but it almost reduces or eliminate any repairs to the existing finishes.” – Jan 2016 | B Hokanson