Sustainability – Waste Management

 The future of “GREEN” Construction Hoarding is here. “hoarding done right”

It’s EZEE to go green!

The founders of EZEE Hoarding come from the construction industry with over fifty years of cumulative experience. EZEE Hoarding understands our contractor and retail customers care about minimizing construction waste. EZEE Hoarding and helping you with wast management: The EZEE Hoarding solution eliminates the major environmental issues with steel stud and drywall hoarding systems.

Waste diversion is what EZEE reusable construction hoarding is about. Leave behind the outdated, wasteful, dirty, smelly, toxic, labour intensive steel stud/drywall and painted hoarding system. The outdated steel stud and drywall system waste both money and materials that end up in our overflowing landfills. By converting to the EZEE reusable hoarding system you will be saving both costs and our environment.

Made from Recycled Plastic (PVC) EZEE Construction Hoarding is a sustainable product from being manufactured to the end of its life when it gets recycled back into new hoarding. It is a green, reusable and a 100% recyclable product, never thrown away.

EZEE Hoarding‘s goal is to eliminate construction hoarding waste from entering our landfills. EZEE Construction Hoarding is fighting the problem of hoarding waste by changing the industry standard from using disposable hoarding materials to a 100 % reusable and recyclable hoarding system. EZEE Construction Hoarding will never go to the landfill because it is 100% recyclable and reusable.

EZEE Hoarding is fast becoming the most popular construction hoarding and retail hoarding for creating temporary barriers and the reason is simple. By using EZEE Hoarding you will be doing your part to manage waste by using a waste diversion system reducing the construction industries stress on landfills. Our carbon foot print is reduced by more than 80% over traditional methods of construction hoarding.

Please visit our updates page to see up to date information on how EZEE Hoarding has done it’s part to go green.

EZEE Hoarding is revolutionizing the way the construction industry uses and reuses construction hoarding in North America. EZEE Hoarding is cost efficient, time efficient and has the smallest carbon footprint of any construction hoarding in the construction industry. EZEE Hoarding is quick to install with minimum impact and interruption to neighbouring businesses.

From our foundation we set ourselves apart from the rest and that starts with our company goals:

  • Provides a green and re-usable product.
  • Provides a cost effective and time efficient product.
  • Provides a quality product.
  • Provides our customers with the best service levels in the industry.
  • Provides our customers with peace of mind.


The current steel stud drywall system is problematic for several big reasons;

  1. Stud and drywall takes a very long time to set up and tear down
  2. The process is very messy, dirty and sometimes toxic
  3. Expensive to make look nice or use as advertising
  4. Extremely wasteful in materials going to the landfill, an environmental “disaster”
  5. Extremely expensive, wasteful and environmentally unfriendly

There is a cleaner, “greener” and better way!

Looking for the solution to this construction industry wide issue brought us to develop the EZEE Hoarding system. Made from PVC vinyl; the tongue and groove interlocking hoarding system is a re-usable, time saving, cost efficient, clean, green and easy way to solve your hoarding needs.


With the EZEE Hoarding system we are offering a solution that provides time and cost savings to our clients while at the same time promoting a green, energy efficient 100% re-usable product that eliminates materials from going to our landfills.

This is why EZEE Hoarding is the future of construction hoarding and is hoarding done right”.