As you may have heard, Lumber prices have been on a steady climb over the past year and it looks like the increase will continue well into the summer and fall months. These are some of the highest prices and the most volatile the markets have been. This is not solely driving on demand alone, as many sawmills had to shut down during the pandemic which disrupted the supply market. Lumber mills are running at max capacity to try and catch up to their supply deficiency, however it’s not going to be fixed anytime soon. Not only has this affected the lumber market, but it’s snowballed down into other materials used for hoarding such as drywall and plywood.

What does this mean for the price of traditional hoarding?

A 2×4 stud used to be $3.50; now they’re $9.80. A sheet of OSB plywood was $12 two years ago; now it’s $56 per sheet

A load of 2x4s costs $100,000 right now and you aren’t getting it for three to four months… Last year at this time the truck load was worth $35,000 rand you were getting it in two to three weeks.

Lumber +232%

Plywood 1/2″ (8’x4′) = $19.93 in Febuary 2020 – $64 April 2021 Total change of $44.07 per sheet!!!

Drywall since 2020 +30%

With these increases in affect what does this mean for Traditional Hoarding. For every 32sq/ft of hoarding installed it costs approximately $48 extra.

What are some solutions:

With EZEE Hoarding being a rental service provider we’ve been sheltered from the price increases of commodities, as we have a large inventory of reusable hoarding that goes in and out daily. We maintain and have quality control measures in effect that make our materials reusable numerous times compared to other alternatives. With our fast full service installations and Dismantle of the hoarding, clean look, along with our competitive pricing. Why not make the switch to EZEE Hoarding?