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How to save time on the jobsite?


As many people in the construction industry know, time is money and with that being said saving time can save your contracting team and the client a lot of money. Finishing on time or getting ahead of schedule, along with being under budget, is what every project manager aims to achieve. There’s many ways to achieve this and today we will be focusing on how to save time on your project upfront.

For many job sites, the first step is to put a barrier (hoarding) up around the job site to protect the public from the construction and vice versa. Often depending on the grade finish and the size of the barrier (hoarding) it could take several days and 3-6 people to complete. Usually a barrier consists of a few different components drywall, steel stud, plywood, tape and paint. Not only do you have to spend 1-3 days erecting a wall you will also have to mud/paint/tape it after it’s complete which could take even longer. Whether you are working in a mall, hospital, school or anywhere else the costs of time, material and alot of labour add up.

This is where we have found that switching to a system like EZee hoarding can save you time and money. Their estimate includes labour, standard hardware, installation and removal all for one price! AND on top of that they can finish a 1000 sq/ft job in less than a day with only 2 people! This saves paying your supervisor to do it, renting lifts, having 3-6 other labours and it saves multiple days on your jobsite so you can start your project ahead of schedule. Not only does their system speed up the installation but I threw in one other point you may have not caught. It also includes the cost of dismantling the wall and removing it at the end on the job. Usually, this will take 1/2 the time that it took to build the wall. Because, it is a sustainable system, there is no extra dust/dirt/mess when removing it so you won’t have to spend valuable man hours cleaning up the job site.

So why not save time, material, labour on your job site? Call 604-220-4192 or email today and get a quote!

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