Although the idea of EZEE hoarding began with its two founders, it has only grown to where it is today from the dedication, grit, and commitment of its people. Acknowledging our planets need for a sustainable solution to one time use temporary barriers. In 2015 EZEE Hoarding splashed the market with its first prototype ready for action. Reusable, sustainable and environmentally friendly hoarding systems.

Now, today EZEE Hoarding provides much more than only hoarding systems. Through EZEE Hoardings culture and core values. The EZEE Hoarding family stays committed to understanding our ever-evolving world while providing customer care and product lines that people and our planet need. From commercial, construction to health care and residential EZEE hoarding continues to innovate and grow.


Mission statement

We will continue to progress as a visionary company that understands the ever-evolving world we live in providing sustainable product lines and customer care that people and our planet need.

EZEE Hoardings Commitment

“When Appearance Matters” In partnership with our people, EZEE Hoardings commitment is to be the industry leader through Product Quality, Cleanliness, Customer Service, Sustainability, team collaboration and Grit.


Our Integrity: Our entire company, on and off site, we thrive off trust, sincerity, and honesty.
We pride ourselves on carrying out all endeavors with these morals.



Being that Kyle has been involved and around construction most of his life, he decided to obtain his carpenter Red Seal Carpenter ticket. After being in the trenches and on many different job sites he continued to become a site superintendent then after taking business and marketing courses he moved into the position of project manager. He soon realized that due to many of the materials from the construction industry being deposited in the landfills after one use he thought that there must be away to help reduce this waste. In the years that followed with this in mind and after many projects requiring temporary hoarding he came up with the idea of what we know now as the Ezee Hoarding System.

Kyle is committed to being their for his clients, family, as well as his Ezee family.



To Glenn EZEE Hoarding is an all-around feel-good business, team, and family. Glenn’s career has consisted of a successful timeline in the construction industry. Glenn started his construction career as young lad working on the construction sites. He then grew a passion for and shifted his career into the finance industry, although he thoroughly enjoyed the finance industry his passion for construction combined with his finance skills drew him to school where he obtained his construction management degree. With a wealth of construction experience in managing Commercial tenant improvements to ground up new builds to building some of the bridges we drive across today Glenn is committed to only always bringing his best.