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How to make your construction go site green.


As the years go by, going green has become a staple for many companies to plant their flag on. After all, we do only have one planet. That’s why we need to be sustainable in order to minimize the harm that construction may have on the environment. Through commitment to sustainable development, we can create a positive and direct impact on our immediate communities.

One major way to immediately impact your environmental footprint on your jobsite, is changing the type of the hoarding used. Traditional construction hoarding consists of one use items such as drywall, plywood, steel stud and in some cases drop down poly. Hoarding is typically temporary and usually is only up for the duration of the project. Smaller projects such as tenant improvements usually is up 1-3 months, longer projects can be up 6+months. On construction sites usually new material on a job site is recommended, however when building something that’s temporary why are we not looking for alternatives?

The Problem with one time use items on a temporary walls is simple… it’s ONE TIME USE AND TEMPORARY then it’s immediately placed in our landfills. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be looking for alternatives.

The Solution with EZee hoarding making it’s market on the hoarding market it’s a no brainer on why not to go with them. First and foremost you are eliminating unnecessary waste by switching to a hoarding that is sustainable and reusable.

Key Points:

  1. Reusable/sustainable material that once it’s done on the job site it get cleaned and prepared for the next job.
  2. Faster install time, is a clean faced complete installation and no added paint or taping needed
  3. Competitive pricing
  4. Quote includes installation and removal of product
  5. Doors and Hardware include

All in all, the environment is very important and making daily decisions to go green can/will create a better world for us and our future children. If you are in need of construction hoarding visit our website below!

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