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✓ Approved by infection control managers

✓ Approved by infection control managers

EZEE anteroom

The EZEE anteroom system is a small room or hallway that is to be walked through to stop contaminants from spreading between rooms. These anterooms serve a vital purpose by protecting patients and staff by isolating contaminated air, dust and potentially deadly airborne pathogens. Upon leaving the contaminated renovation site one enters the anteroom which is a negative air environment. This means that the contaminated air cannot spread to other patients. Workers can remove their PPEs, shoe covers and work clothing so that it doesn’t contaminate other areas of the hospital.

The use of EZEE Anterooms can vary but is commonly used in hospital renovations or maintenance and when dealing with infection control in many health care facilities. EZEE Anterooms allow facilities to conduct renovations without having to shut down areas of the hospital

EZEE Isolations Rooms

The EZEE Isolation Rooms are designed to eliminate contaminants spreading from one patient to another in a shared space. Our panels can be easily disinfected between patients and can include doors and windows. EZEE Isolation rooms can also be set up to create more private areas or rooms for patients.

EZEE Separation Walls

The EZEE Separation Walls are used to help control the flow of crowds and workspaces. These systems are most commonly used as a room divider for staff work areas and patient areas.

Disaster Relief

Our temporary system can be designed to create temporary walls that can be used for emergency pop-up medical treatment centres. The EZEE system can include doors and windows and be designed for use in arenas, community centres, convention centres, and more.